Below are a few examples of what can be studied at Jazz Workshop, at various levels.



Students of all ages start by learning to play songs that  they enjoy and recognise,  while learning  to read sheet music and becoming accustomed to note values, chords,  and musical loops.    Each student is given exercises to practice for technique at home.

As you progress, music theory is explained together with the music you are playing, which makes theory understandable and interesting.   Natural composition and self-expression is encouraged and talent is nurtured.

It is important to add that our lessons are enjoyable, and form an excellent basis for the continued love of music throughout life.



Students who are already playing and  want to progress further, study standard chord progressions and related scales, following on to accompaniment,  improvisation and composition are encouraged to join us intermediate level.



Advanced students  study the  12- bar blues progressions and  proceed to study the numerous  scales,  the use of modal scales, the blues and pentatonic scales, arpeggios and chromatic scales. We also progress through various chord families, as in the major and minor scales and we look into simple and compound time signatures. You will be taught to apply all that you learn in a friendly and encouraging environment.



Not everyone has the same requirements, and  students have a  choice of what they will learn. Specific requirements for individual students are catered for. Students have an option  to learn to play, (or sing)  all,  or only part of the courses offered.

Natural composition and improvisation is always encouraged and comprehensive musical tuition is always available to all students during their lessons.


Pricing for all students is R696.00 every 4 weeks and lessons take place once a week for half an hour and students are given music to practise at home during the week.  All lessons are individual on a one to one basis.

For electric guitar students, we provide use of an amp in the lesson.  Instruments are available at the best prices in the shop.  Please enquire.