Jazz Workshop

School of Music

Cynthia and Merton Barrow

Jazz Workshop, now in its 54th year,is the longest established independent music school in Cape Town. Because of our excellent reputation throughout the years, and focus on the latest trends in music and teaching techniques, adults and their children wishing to learn music, choose Jazz Workshop as the place to learn. Lessons are once weekly, at an available time, suitable for the student, and music is provided for practice at home during the week, between lessons. Students have the option of learning more than one instrument, and suitable times can be arranged for lessons on additional instruments. Our Instructors, many of whom have been teaching for us for years, are all performing musicians. We choose them, not only for their knowledge and ability, but also for their personality. We emphasise the importance of enjoyable lessons, as this makes learning a pleasure. As a result, our students love their lessons, and progress is excellent. Study choices are numerous. Beginners learn to read sheet music ,and play familiar and modern songs, or their own choice of music, from the start. Natural composition and self- expression is always encouraged and talent is nurtured. We have teachers who excel in teaching children, and teachers who specialise in teaching adult beginners. Intermediate and advanced students, professional musicians, classically trained performers and teachers, who want to learn more about playing popular music, the blues, and jazz, are amongst our students. And jazz musicians who want to brush up on their music theory, either in part, or to an advanced level, take lessons at Jazz Workshop. Over the years,through our excellent reputation, it has not been necessary to advertise Jazz Workshop. Recommendations from past students, their friends and families, have kept our enrolments up to capacity. We have past students bringing in their children (and grandchildren)for lessons, and everyone seems to know someone who has been studying music at Jazz Workshop. We are proud of our success.